Repent, Regenerate, Replenish and Restore


Learn, live, and exemplify the teachings of the Holy Spirit with the Real Life Crew. It is our responsibility to embody the teachings of the Lord Jesus in our daily lives. Let us pray and surround ourselves with the unfailing grace of the Holy Spirit.

The JIRL 4 I‘s Path to Leading People with Love towards Fatih, Mercy, and Spiritual Strength.

Intellect (Strengthen Spiritual Intellect)
Inquiry (Welcome Their Inquiry)
Imagination (Support Their Imagination)
Integrity (Shape Their Integrity)


With the shows on our podcast, you can be encouraged and learn more about the precious teachings of Christ and how to experience Him in real life.
precious teachings of the Bible.
Serve God and His People

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We have curated engaging, interactive, and easy-to-understand content for fellow Christians to delve deeper into the teachings of Jesus. May we all live in faith, grow in love, and serve God and His people.


JIRL’s Real Life Crew hosts virtual and live events to encourage people to grow their relationships with God. Our events are intended to bring you together with other believers to discuss faith, grace, and mercy in the real world.

Live Events

Join our live events in your community and connect with your fellow believers from the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. We will dedicate ourselves to planning community activities, outreach programs, interactive activities, and more.

Virtual Events

Connect with other believers online to celebrate faith, pray to God, and serve His people. It is an un-church setup to practice Christianity in unorthodox ways. We have both spiritual discussions and support themes for events. In these events, we not only help you understand the teachings but also build your outreach program or community activities.


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Book Shelf

We have curated a selection of books to help you grow your understanding and faith in the Holy Spirit. See what’s on our shelf now.


The Titus Ten

Join the Movement

Join the movement of faith, love, and healing in an un-church setup with JIRL’s Real Life Crew. Connect with our community.

Our Mission

As a global platform, we are committed to helping people grow their relationship with God. We do this through various mediums like podcasts, social media, WhatsApp, Bible reading plans, live/virtual events and classes.

We aim to encourage people to serve God and His people with our various plans and programs.

We believe interfaith collaboration is key to dealing with social ills that impact us all. Therefore, our team seeks to help people live and act on the Bible’s teachings.

Friends and the Fam with Youth & Young Adult Pastor's Network
Get ReFreshed with Winning Wives and Women of Healing

Our Purpose

We believe in leading with love and leaving judgment to Christ. Our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to create a safe space to transform lives by encouraging our Real Life Crew to repent, regenerate, replenish, and restore.

Our platform will be a global network of people from all walks of life who are connected by their love for God and each other. We are committed to providing a platform that seeks to encourage and strengthen one another through innovative digital tools for outreach and discipleship. 

Our primary goal is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all, whether you are churched or unchurched. Regardless of the size of your congregation, we can connect you with innovative tools within this growing digital space to ensure that no one is left behind.